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What to do if my child grinds his teeth?

Although bruxism, the instinctive clenching or grinding of the teeth by rubbing the upper and lower dental arches together, is a pathology normally associated with adults and stress, it can also occur in children. 😬
No matter how old you are, rubbing can cause wear and tear on your teeth. 🦷
If you notice that your child is only clenching his teeth during sleep, don't panic: his jaw is still developing and the muscles are still working. 💪
However, if it does not go away after the age of 10 or if you detect symptoms such as headaches, earaches or tooth wear (even if they are baby teeth), see a professional. A mouthguard may be enough.

Or better, look for a place like Ziving where we like to do a complete follow-up of our patients' development. 👨⚕️

Prevention is better than treatment.

Surely you've watched your child sleep, does he or she clench his or her teeth? 😴

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