Surely you know that this fictional character delights the little ones. It is a tradition among Spanish speakers.

But who created the character? 🤔

It is attributed to Luis Coloma, who at the end of the 19th century was commissioned to write a story for the future King Alfonso XIII, who was 8 years old when a tooth fell out. 📘

The story tells how the tooth fairy lived with his family inside a biscuit box, in a confectioner's shop located at number 8 Arenal Street in Madrid. Near the Royal Palace, where the little prince slept. 🍪

And that at night he would go through the city's pipes collecting teeth under the pillows and leaving some sweets or gifts. 🦷️

Today, there is a house museum at the same address that recreates where this friendly rodent lives. 🏠

Did you know the origin of the tooth fairy?

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