Choosing a good dentist in Sabadell is not easy. Will they be too expensive, do they have good reviews, will they know how to correctly handle my orthodontic treatment, dental implants when they are due, or my children's braces? It seems incredible, but choosing a good dentist and orthodontist for the whole family is almost like choosing a partner for life.

We know that. We know all the 'buts' that are often attached to choosing a dentist. We too were children when you were, some 40 years ago. We didn't like the way children used to be treated, nor did we like the nonsense that someone over 30 couldn't wear braces. With all that in mind, we created a way of 'being dentists in Sabadell'. With this new concept, Ziving was born.

And we want to explain it to you so that, when we finish telling you who we are, you will think: this is exactly what I was looking for! At Ziving we serve everyoneWe have specialised teams for all age groups, boys, girls, adolescents, adults and grandparents. We have teams specialising in all age groups. However, if you have looked at the decoration of our clinic, you will have seen lots of colour, space rockets, costumes, rubber balls... why else do we decorate our interiors like this if we are not just children's dentists in Sabadell?

We are not only children's dentists in Valencia, but for the whole family!

Because we were not only children when you were, We also have children now. Yes, we are parents and we are mothers, and we know perfectly well that when they are comfortable, happy and not at war, you are happy and calm. That is the key to our magic. When the little ones at home get to know us, they stop hating coming to the dentist. They relax and love our dental centre.

We collect information and opinions from our most special clients: your children, and they all tell us: once they discover how beautiful our clinic is, they want to come back. This helps a lot to ensure that they have the right dental check-ups, that they want to have orthodontic treatment and that they don't 'break your head' by not wanting to go back to the dentist.

We have dental treatments for adults: dads, mums and grandparents.

And when this happens, you are calmer because you have one less battle to fight. You come to him and, you know what? It's just the right time for you to get your dental health back on track. Because, as we said, we are dentists in Sabadell for the whole family. And what can we do for you?

Just as we are the best in preventive orthodontics for children, the number one in Invisalign for teenagers and a real crack at correcting any problems in the structure of your child's mouth or jaw, we also have the perfect team for mums and dads.

It is time to think of you. We have orthodontic treatments Do you have a yellowish tint to your teeth, have you got black spots on your gums, or do you have a black spot on your gums? You can't neglect your teeth. And it's not just a question of aesthetics.


Ask for opinions and prices of our adult dentists in Sabadell

All these signs may be telling us about a possible disease. And the bad news is that an untreated disease that starts in the mouth can lead to aThe overall health of the body may be affected. But let's not get too excited! Let's agree that you are in good health, but that you need to go back for annual check-ups and to consider a little orthodontic treatment to be able to smile from ear to ear. Do you know what Invisalign is?

At Ziving we are experts in invisible orthodontics, Invisalign. Invisalign is a set of clear sleeves that work bit by bit on your smile until everything is in its perfect place. So if you're worried about your braces showing because you work in front of the public, Invisalign is your friend.

Discover Invisalign, the perfect invisible orthodontics for you

But don't let an article written in a blog get you into trouble. Come and visit us, no obligation. Come with your childrenlet them see our facilities, to freak out with our toys and our space rockets. Then, if you see them happy, ask for a consultation and we'll keep talking. And if they're comfortable, let us make your smile shine like never before.

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