The Best Paediatric Dentistry in Sabadell

In our Ziving clinic in Sabadell we are specialists in paediatric dentistry and we strive every day to offer excellent quality and a fun and friendly treatment for children. Two characteristics that are fully appreciated in the opinions that both you and your children share about our team.

Why are we the best paediatric dentistry in Sabadell?

These are 5 of the reasons why so many have already chosen us as their favourite paediatric dentist and why we have such a high reputation. 9.58 out of 838 ratings.

1- Treatment efficiency

In our paediatric dentistry clinic in Sabadell we have years of experience, which allows us to make complete diagnoses and offer more efficient treatments.

2- Paediatric dentistry and preventive orthodontics

The different specialists at Ziving Sabadell work hand in hand assessing the growth of each child. The following are taken into consideration factors such as habits, nutrition and individual development so that, if deemed necessary, possible dysfunctions can be guided or corrected in the manner simpler.

As experts in paediatric dentistry, we at Ziving, one of our great strengths is also in the field of orthodontics.. As a result, we have been able to develop a strong area of preventive orthodonticsalso known as interceptive orthodontics, which means that our treatments help prevent future mouth problems and thus avoid more complex and longer treatments in adulthood.

In this way we offer quality preventive and corrective services with future projection, so that you have the peace of mind of knowing that your children's oral health is in the best hands.

3- A fun paediatric dentistry clinic in Sabadell for your children

We know how important it can be for parents and doctors alike that children go to the dentist calmly and willingly.

For this reason, we have designed a clinic designed for the little ones that makes it the best dentist for children: our centre is colourful and playful and will make visiting the dentist a lot of fun!

In fact, the fantasy we create at Ziving is one of the keys to our success: a visit to our centre becomes for the children a visit to a wonderful and fun-filled playground, always following the necessary safety and hygiene protocols.

4- Our paediatric dentistry in Sabadell also looks after mothers and fathers

Because we are aware of the time and effort it can take to bring your children to the dentist, when mums and dads bring their children to our paediatric dentistry centre in Sabadell, we arrange a check-up appointment for them as well..

We believe that this is not only the best way to make the most of your time, but also an interesting way to promote the oral health of the whole family.

We offer different services for parents: from check-ups, to questions about implants, enamel diagnosis or even orthodontic treatment.

In fact, orthodontic treatments for adults are becoming increasingly popular, as correcting malocclusions can improve our quality of life exponentially. Specifically, one of the cases we most commonly treat in adults is bruxism, which, together with the stress of everyday family life, can cause a great deal of discomfort.

If this is the case for you, Ziving is here to help.

5- Online diagnosis

Make an appointment at our paediatric dentistry centre in Sabadell or request a free diagnosis by clicking on the following link: or contact us also by WhatsApp: 658 93 81 79


We will be happy to help you and your children, and we assure you that Once your child discovers our clinic, he or she will never complain about going to the dentist again!

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