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Lorena Anguís Martín


A magic magic in Ziving Tarragona

That which causes a certain surprise to us adults, is not so surprising in the imagination of children. In our children's dental center in Tarragona we want to be part of their world. We want them to immerse from day one with Ziving® Tarragona in a magical and unique adventure that they will remember for the rest of their life. In Ziving® Tarragona there are rockets that take off, workshops and a whole house full of details and imagination. There children play, mess and tidy up and, above all, make new friends.

orthodontist Tarragona

Lorena Anguís


2021 Curso Intensivo Avanzado de Microtornillos (Dr. Toni
2021 Certificación Invisalign (Máster Invisalign Dra. Mayo)
2020 Curso de ortodoncia interceptiva y miofuncional:
Crecimiento craneofacial en niños.
(DEAC Proclinic. 4,2 créditos)
2019 Curso “Cambiando el chip en odontopediatría”
Odontobebés Madrid
2015 Hands-On Teórico Práctico de Prótesis sobre implantes.
Universitat Internacional de Catalunya.
2012- 2014 Máster ortodoncia y ortopedia dentofacial
Athenea Institute (Dr. Pablo Echarri)
2011-2012 Diploma en MBT (Técnica de Arco Recto).
Universitat Internacional de Catalunya
2011-2012 Postgrado de Estética y Cosmética Dental
Academia de Ciencias Médicas (Scoe).
Dr . Fernando Autrán
2011: Título en dirección de instalaciones radiodiangnósticas
7 Mayo 2011 Curso “Restauraciones cerámicas libres de metal”.
Dr. Prof. Luiz Narciso Baratieri.
18-19 Febrero 2011 Curso Microtornillos.
Universitat Internacional de Catalunya.
2006-2011: Licenciatura de Odontología
Universitat Internacional de Catalunya



Pediatric Dentistry

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Ziving Team


Reception Coordinator

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Ziving orthodontics Tarragona


Pre-Treatment Coordinator

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Ziving Lleida Team


Treatment Coordinator

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Ziving Lleida Team


Treatment Coordinator

  • Phone: 977 11 22 00
  • Email tarragona@ziving.com

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Services in Ziving Tarragona

Although at Ziving® Tarragona we carry out orthodontic treatments at any age, we also adult orthodontics, our specialty is children's orthodontics. Specifically, from five years old, that's when we achieve the best results.

The Invisible Orthodontics at Ziving® Tarragona is carried out with the INVISALIGN SYSTEM. Through this technique we can straighten crowded, separated, crooked or badly fitted teeth in children or adolescents. In a simple, invisible, painless and, most importantly, guaranteed way.

It is fundamental the prevention and dental treatment of children from childhood to teenagers through our service of pediatric dentistry through which we have been taking care of children's mouths for more than 30 years.

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