Getting children through the dentist's door with a smile on their face is easy. 😃

Just follow these little tricks:

🔸 Don't see it as a negative thing for you, mother or father. They perceive it.

🔸 Let them bring their favourite toy.

🔸 Avoid over-explaining. It puts them on alert that something is going to happen and they may become defensive.

Neither before, during, nor after may language be used that includes words with negative connotations.

At Ziving ortodoncia Torrent we have created an ideal place for children to enjoy every time they come. 💗🤸♀️🧩

The aim is for them to come to their orthodontic check-ups happy. With enthusiasm. Because they know they are going to have a good time. 🦷

We don't like frightened faces. And you don't either, do you?

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