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La clínica dental infantil más divertida orthodontics centre in the world

The Project Ziving

Ziving es una asociación de especialistas en salud dental, unidos por la misión de dar valor a las personas a través de nuestro sistema exclusivo de salud dental infantil.

Hemos creado un entorno mágico para los pequeños a través de la experiencia del tratamiento dental. De esta forma rompemos con el dentista clásico. Nos encanta ver que los niños no quieren irse de Ziving, por eso a veces sois los padres los que os enfadáis con nosotros porque no hay forma de volver a casa.

You want an orthodontic in children's orthodontics

Nuestra calidad de ortodoncia es muy elevada, somos specialists in orthodontics.

We are backed by more than 35 años de experiencia en ortodoncia infantil y de adultos.

We always apply the latest clinical protocols and maximum innovation, with an exclusive orthodontic system that has allowed us, in recent years, to bring benefits such as reduced treatment time, invisible and more comfortable braces, among other factors and most importantly the smile of más de 300.000 familias satisfechas.

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Invisible orthodontics






5 Years Old

Chiara's mum says:

What I liked best, as always, was the human quality with which we were served. My daughter as a patient and me as her mother. Our dentist, a 10 year old, and my 5 year old daughter go to see her with joy, illusion and total tranquillity. I also believe that the professionalism with which we are treated is very important.


7 Years Old

June's grandmother says:

Since the first visit to Ziving, as a relative (grandmother) of the patient, a 7 year old girl, with whom I usually go on visits, I have perceived professionalism, welcoming, empathy with children. June is so delighted that she says that when she grows up she wants to be a teacher during the week and a dentist at weekends 🙂 (before she was only going to be a teacher:). The techniques they use seem to me to be the latest and least invasive for children. The whole Ziving team is ten!


8 Years Old

Joaquin's mum says:

The treatment we receive is impeccable, we feel that they are attentive to us at all times and that they always try to facilitate our visits and treatments. My son is delighted to come and we are very satisfied with the results of the treatments carried out so far, both my son's Invisalign treatment and my cleaning. I am sure that the rest of my family will have their future treatments at this centre. A real discovery and I am very grateful to the person who recommended it to me


7 Years Old

Anabel's mum says:

Today, after 4 years of treatment, I have finished. Finally!!!! I have been treated very well all the time. There has never been any problem in changing appointments or favouring me in my schedule for work reasons. I am very happy with the treatment, the employees and the result of my orthodontics. It has been long. I still have some revisions left, but I could never have chosen the centre better.

Silvia and Andreu

8 & 10 Years Old

Silvia and Andreu's mum says:

The visits with our children have been very pleasant so far: both the staff and the facilities are very welcoming, and the children do not even have the feeling of going to the doctor, no matter how serious their dental problems are. Thank you very much for working with the children to make it easy for them to make a habit of going to the dentist a pleasant experience, which will certainly help them to continue taking care of their teeth as adults.


12 Years Old

Juan's dad says:

The attention received throughout the treatment has been very professional. The treatment of the patient was very close (this, given that we are talking about children, is very grateful) and the parents were given precise information about the evolution at all times. Without a doubt, an excellent service.

Family & Experiences que nos avalan como dentista infantil

This afternoon, as I left school, I met a dragon that was throwing fire from its mouth. I took my sword and fought him until he ran away scared. At seven o'clock, I went to Ziving® and then, as I was going back home, I tried find it again... I had a great time, Mom!

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    Values at Ziving

    The magical experience that enjoy the children who come to Ziving makes us unique. La ilusión del niño por volver a nuestro Centro dental infantil, por estar con nosotros, en lugar de rechazar al dentista y sus tratamientos es fundamental para conseguir su colaboración y poder participar en su educación.

    For this we have created ZivingClub, the way to transmit to the children all our system of values around their education, using a language that they adopt from the first day as their own.

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    As professionals and parents we know that every interaction of the child with his environment, also with us, will influence his education. We are aware and want to actively participate in this process.

    Our commitment is participating in the integral development of the child, in his or her growth as a person, since we are part of his or her daily life. This good connection with the protagonist is important to achieve the best results.

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