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How is your child's mouth at 5 and 6 y.o


at 5 and 6 y.o

It is an important age, the eruption of the first definitive incisors begins, the two below. When everything goes well, the baby teeth fall out and the new teeth occupy that space, standing straight and level.

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After these first teeth the two upper central incisors will appear, they normally fall into place, when they are displaced they indicate a severe problem.

The first new molars also emerge behind the milk molars.

The most frequent problem is the lack of space that causes the first teeth to erupt behind the baby teeth or crooked. This sign indicates that the next permanent teeth will also erupt in malposition.

An alteration that we will also control at this age is the narrow palate. Many times it is related to oral breathing, snoring while sleeping and otitis problems and the need for drainage. The treatment will consist of making the palate grow better, normalize the space for the new teeth and the functionality of breathing.

Benefits of orthodontics

at 5 and 6 y.o

We make the most of your child's first contact with a new environment. Without discomfort, in a positive way, he/she will enjoy the visit and will get used to interacting with us.

At this stage the first teeth start to come out. It is a stage of many novelties in the children's mouths. A perfect time to understand how the mouth is forming and to give all the information to you, the moms.

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It is easy to detect and correct functional problems such as oral breathing, the tendency to snore or the habit of thumb sucking. These habits, if maintained over time, alter the development of the palate and, consequently, facial harmony during periods of growth.

This is the ideal age to take an X-ray of the mouth and observe the position, shape and number of teeth. At this age we can already see extra teeth (supernumeraries), absences (agenesis), malpositions and anomalous inclinations of the teeth that will hinder the eruption of the same or neighbouring teeth.

In case of alterations, we will act preventively to avoid many problems later.

We can assess the hereditary component and its impact on long-term dental malpositions.

If we have to do any treatment to control the formation of the mouth, children at this age collaborate very well and enjoy the Ziving® experience.

This is a good time to motivate and instruct them in dental hygiene care.

We value the quality of the enamel and the health of the gums to prevent caries and gingivitis (gum inflammation). Ziving we are specialists in children, we understand families

Most usual issues

at 5 and 6 y.o

First tooth comes out from behind

It indicates that there is a lot of space left for the new teeth. The next ones will also go bad if we don't get going! In the first control we will evaluate how to solve it by helping the growth.

Narrow palate

It is a genetic alteration that affects the mouth and breathing. The teeth will come out badly. They are children who tend to snore. The magic age is 5 years to solve it.

All teeth together

When baby teeth are all in place it is NOT normal. It is normal for them to be separated to fit the new ones! The mouth is too small for the new teeth and they will come out crooked.


It is a habit that greatly alters the oral formation. At Ziving we eliminate the habit in a simple way and correct the alterations. The sooner the better!

Our solutions for your child

at 5 and 6 y.o

Our goal is to help the oral development so that this can take place normally. Sometimes we already have crooked or badly fitted teeth and so, as well as helping the palate to grow, we will make small dental corrections to achieve maximum dental harmony. At this age, the most important thing is to ensure that the new teeth have space to erupt, that they fit together well and that oral functions and breathing is nasal and normal.

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Children's Orthodontics

It is recommended that all children have an orthodontic check-up with the specialist from the age of 5


Duration of Treatment: 18 months

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