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Exclusive orthodontics system

Through our exclusive system of orthodontics with more than 30 years of experience we contribute to actively participate in the integral development of the child in their growth as a person since we are part of their day to day. This good connection with the protagonist is important to achieve better results.

The use of a multi-technique system, which is constantly being updated, means that we can adapt to individual needs of each person, whether you are a child or an adult. Aesthetic, low strength or invisible techniques are the most commonly used.

From the first visit we will collect information for you, before starting, and so that you can make the best decision, we will give you all the information about the treatment:




Treatment objectives


Results commitment


Planned duration


Number of visits


Closed written quotation

Specialized staff

All the people who form part of our team are important, they have specialised training in orthodontics and are constantly attending courses to improve themselves day by day, but above all, they are keen to do things well, to make each day's work a special day.

Efficient Management

Optimising treatment costs is a challenge. We know that orthodontics is an important and valuable investment for families. This means providing high quality clinical and care services while offering and closed quote, the payment method is personalised and adapted.

3D Scanner, TAC and cutting edge technology

It is carried out during the first visit by means of physical and digital models and X-rays. We have state-of-the-art equipment to carry out orthopantomographies and digital teleradiographies that radiate less than conventional equipment with physical plates.

  • Scanner: We have adopted the latest advances in dentistry, we have an intraoral scanner that makes dental impressions of teeth in 3D digital format quickly and precisely with great accuracy. It allows us to design your smile and share it with you before treatment.
  • TAC: Through this we can know better the position of the teeth. Hundreds of images are taken, generating a 3-dimensional image that allows us to make a more precise diagnosis.

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