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Adolescent orthodontics:

How is your child's mouth Teenager?


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Adolescence is an important age. The eruption of the first permanent incisors, the two lower teeth, begins. When all goes well, the baby teeth fall out and the new teeth take up the space, straight and level.

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After these first teeth will appear the two upper central incisors, usually placed in place, when they come out displaced indicate a severe problem.

The first new molars also emerge behind the milk ones.

The most frequent problem is the lack of space that causes the first teeth to come out behind the baby teeth or crooked teeth. This sign indicates that the following permanent teeth will also erupt in malposition.

An alteration that we will also control at this age is the narrow palate. Many times it is related to oral breathing, snoring while sleeping and otitis problems and the need for drainage. The treatment will consist of making the palate grow better, normalize the space for the new teeth and the functionality of breathing.

Benefits of orthodontics in Teenagers

At this age the mouth is already formed and all the permanent teeth have erupted. If this is not the case we will make a complete orthodontic revision to identify possible dental alterations.

Problems such as crooked or poorly fitting teeth we will certainly correct using different systems. We want to have the adolescent's opinion in treatment decisions.

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At these ages, the following can occur unhealthy habits like smoking or grinding your teeth. We will identify some alterations that may go unnoticed in the family.

If a good dental check-up has not been done before, it is time to plan it. It's fundamental to have information of our children's mouths, habits, hygienic care, possible pathologies.

In this way it is possible to assess whether adolescent orthodontics is needed.

Most frequent problems in Teenagers

Crooked Teeth

Permanent teeth erupt badly because the mouth is small. We solve this by assisting growth and correcting tooth position. We don't wait for more bad teeth to come in!

Narrow Palate

It is a genetic disorder that affects the mouth and breathing. The teeth come out wrong. They have no space and do not fit together. The sooner the orthodontic check-up is carried out, the sooner it is solved and the better the result.

Dipped Teeth

The problem is that the teeth do not fit well. It alters the oral function and it gets worse with age. Growth disturbances will be corrected soon!

Hereditary Alterations

These are problems that are inherited from the parents. They tend to develop badly and require a lot of attention. With the right orthodontic solutions, we can correct them in a simple way.

Our solutions

for your child

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In this stage the boys and girls are in full change. La dentición es ya la definitiva and the dental alterations are very evident. We want our participation to be simple and non-intrusive in their lives! We employ techniques that require minimal collaboration so as not to overload the daily tasks and as important is the correction of the dental problem as getting the relationship with them to be fluid and positive. It is better to have started the correction at an earlier age, but we cannot always choose the moment to start. So, if there is a problem to solve let's get to work!

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