Individualized payment plan

How our quotes

look like

At Ziving before starting a treatment we will give you all the information and administrative staff so that you don't miss a thing. The information you will receive includes a closed and written quote, with precise indication of all coverages and the payment plan if necessary.

We will give you various forms of payment and financing. You can even choose any other formula that suits your needs. Our only goal is that you can be in Ziving if that is your choice.

Remember, we will help you to have a healthy mouth at the least effort.

Some frequently asked questions

Are the quotes closed?

Our quotes for orthodontics are always CLOSED, that is, before the beginning the monthly fees and the total number of them are established, which vary according to the characteristics of each case. The retention is included, that is to say, the later revisions when the treatment is already finished, without limit of years, as well as a set of retainers.

Is there an entrance fee?

If you wish, you can choose a monthly subscription formula without an initial entry.

Do you need a bank guarantee?

Thanks to the Ziving Orthodontics system, we do not need payrolls or bank guarantees to start treatment.

Is it possible to personalize the quotes?

Quotas can be made more flexible according to the needs of orthodontic patients.

Mum, we solve your doubts