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How is your child's mouth at 10 and 11 y.o


at 10 to 11 y.o

It is an important age, the eruption of the first definitive incisors begins, the two below. When everything goes well, the baby teeth fall out and the new teeth occupy that space, standing straight and level.

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After these first teeth will appear the two upper central incisors, usually placed in place, when they come out displaced indicate a severe problem.

The first new molars also emerge behind the milk ones.

The most frequent problem is the lack of space that causes the first teeth to come out behind the baby teeth or crooked teeth. This sign indicates that the following permanent teeth will also erupt in malposition.

An alteration that we will also control at this age is the narrow palate. Many times it is related to oral breathing, snoring while sleeping and otitis problems and the need for drainage. The treatment will consist of making the palate grow better, normalize the space for the new teeth and the functionality of breathing.

Norlmalidad dental

Benefits of orthodontics

at 10 and 11 años

It is a stage, in the formation of the mouth, of constant changes that requires the early detection of possible alterations, all the definitive teeth are making their appearance. In a simple way we can assess their eruption and give you, the mothers, all the information you need.

Although the ideal age for a first contact with the specialist is 5 years old. We are on time to evaluate alterations in the development of the palate, often associated with oral breathing, and correct them by participating in oral growth.

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After this age we lose the opportunity to correct alterations in facial and oral growth.

"There's always a better time for the best solution"

Small problems that affect the aesthetics of the teeth are a cause of anxiety and low esteem in our children. They are easy to correct and we will help the children in a comprehensive manner.

It is the ideal age for guide the new teeth to your position to create a healthy and beautiful smile. An oral x-ray will give us a lot of information on how these teeth will erupt.

In children with small chins or protruding teeth it is a perfect time to start the correction.

Most usual issues

at 10 to 11 y.o

Crooked Teeth

The final teeth come out badly because the mouth is small. We solve it by helping growth and correcting dental position. We don't wait for more bad teeth to come out!

Paladar estrecho dentista

Narrow Palate

It is a genetic alteration that affects the mouth and breathing. The teeth go wrong. They do not have space and do not fit. The sooner we fix it the better the result.

Dipped Teeth

The problem is that the teeth do not fit well. It alters the oral function and it gets worse with age. Growth disturbances will be corrected soon!

Hereditary Alterations

These are problems that are inherited from the parents. They tend to evolve badly and require a lot of attention. With the right solutions, in a simple way, we will correct them.

Our solutions for your child

at 10 and 11 y.o

At this age we are reaching the end of tooth replacement and any problems that may exist are very well expressed. Lack of space will have caused crooked or misaligned teeth. We will correct the problems of oral formation and dental malposition by combining the control of maxillary growth with orthodontics to place the teeth in their ideal position. These treatments are very well accepted by pre-adolescents and help us a lot. They are usually the first ones who want to have a healthy and beautiful smile!

Pediatric Dentistry

Take care of your children's dental health

Children's Orthodontics

It is recommended that all children have an orthodontic check-up with the specialist from the age of 5

Invisible Orthodontics

Invisible orthodontics can be performed on children using the INVISALIGN FIRST system


Duration of Treatment: 20 months.

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