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children from 0 a 5 años

Congratulations! Your child is growing up and the first baby teeth are starting to come in at about 6-8 months of age. At two years of age, the first teeth are completed. It is normal that coinciding with the eruption of some teeth may have discomfort, some day of decomposition or even a tenth of a fever.

The first teething will allow our little one to perform such important functions as chewing solid food. The mouth and nose area is also involved in breathing, swallowing and speech. That is why it is essential to control and maintain a healthy mouth from the first stages.

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At this age the important thing is start laying the groundwork for good oral health. Our objectives will be to take care of the feeding avoiding sugars and to clean these first teeth. In the first stages with the help of mom and towards the two years introducing the brush with a child's toothpaste (fluoride based).

This is a good time for a first oral check-up with the pediatric dentist. He will help us to avoid caries and will give us a first orientation about possible alterations in the oral formation.

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