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Moreover, if we have learned anything this year, it is that we need to be flexible. And also that we should not sow doubts: if we can guarantee something, we should put it in writing. ✅


That is why at Ziving, after carrying out the necessary diagnostic tests to recommend a treatment, we prepare closed and written budgets. 👩⚕️


In the quote you will find the coverage and all the information related to the terms and conditions. So that you have the security and knowledge of how we are going to do it and all your doubts are resolved. ℹ️


But we can also prepare a personalised payment plan for you if you need it. Tailored to your needs. With payment options, or even financing all or part of it. 💰


No collateral, no down payment and flexible instalments.


So that nothing can stop you from going to the centre.


Flexibility and security... and that your child always comes with enthusiasm. 👩👧


Do you want to? You can. 💪🏼

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