Is it advisable for children to use an electric toothbrush, and from what age? 🪥
Although the electric toothbrush may give the impression of being more effective against plaque, in reality it is neither better nor worse. ❌
You see, the most important thing when children are young is that they acquire hygiene habits and learn the technique of brushing. ✔️
Think about it, if he forgets corners or leaves his teeth unbrushed because he's in a hurry, it won't make any difference whether he uses one or the other toothbrush. 🦷
At Ziving we focus on motivating them and explain brushing techniques. At home, adults should supervise them doing it. 👩⚕️

The toothbrush is just one more tool to achieve a single goal: a healthy smile for your children.

Which toothbrush do you use at home?

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