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They are at a stage where they care enormously about how they look. They love posting pictures with their friends on social media and spend their days filming themselves on TikTok. 🤳
But it is also one of the moments in our life where we laugh the most. 😄
Don't give up on getting braces, there are options for even the most snooty teenagers. 💅
Did you know that you can wear braces with the Invisalign Teen?
Specially designed for the very young or those whose teeth are still emerging.
✅ with indicators of actual time of use
✅ provided to compensate for the dentition of the canines, second premolars and second molars
✅ 6 replacement aligners (braces) to replace broken or lost ones.
Let the orthodontic specialist advise you on the best option.

And you, did you also wear braces?

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