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Calm down... I think all mothers have gone through this moment of SHOCK when you know that the blow has been a big one. 

This summer is going to be atypical, that's for sure, but no one is going to take away the summer of shorts, bare knees and ice-cream stains from the little ones. 

And with these adventurous summers, there may come some slightly harder knocks... 


What to do if you break a tooth? 


🦷If it's a baby tooth, don't worry. When the tooth falls out, the permanent tooth will appear in its place. In any case, call Ziving and schedule a visit so we can check that no other teeth are damaged. 

If the tooth is permanent, try to find the tooth, wash it with water, and put it back in place with a little pressure. If this is not possible, put it in a glass of milk, and call Ziving urgently, so they can start the replacement. If you don't have milk on hand, you can "store" it under the child's tongue. 

🦷What if you have doubts about whether it is a baby tooth or a permanent tooth? Act as if it is permanent in order to take action. 


✅That said, don't be afraidBreaking a tooth is not the most common thing to happen. But it is always good to know what to do in order to be able to act in case it happens. 


Now... let's enjoy this coming summer with your little one!

Climb a palm tree🏝 Make a fortress in the dining room by stacking books📚?


Tell us... what's the craziest thing your little one has done over the summer? 👇🏼

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