Not everyone knows the answer to this question.

ūüĎȬ†There are a total of 20 piecesless than permanent teeth. Because the capacity is also smaller.

They are divided between the upper and the lower part:

- 8 incisors

- 4 canines

- 8 molars

Every child is different, but the front incisors almost always erupt first.

ūü¶∑¬†These little teeth are called "milk teeth" because they begin to appear while the baby is still exclusively breastfed.

‚úĒ¬†Of course, there are exceptions and sometimes they do not appear until the child is less than one year old and already eats practically everything.

ūüŹĀ¬†They finish leaving at the age of 3 years.


Tell us, how many teeth has your little one already got?

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