They don't know the complications that can arise if they don't keep a good oral hygiene.

There are usually 2 reasons why a child does not want to brush his or her teeth:

To be contrary in order to attract the attention of adults or those who have tooth sensitivity.

Here are some tips to make brushing your child's teeth easier:

 Give him a rewardA little extra reading time in bed, a dance after brushing your teeth, or something you like to share.

🤸♀️ Make it funYou can use a song that lasts 2 minutes (the brushing time) or do it at the same time. Create a habit through play.

🦷 Involve them in the choice of the next brush. or by buying their favourite character toothpaste.

👨⚕️ Check that is not a problem of tooth sensitivity, if so, consult your paediatric dentist.

 Try these tips and let us know how it goes. But above all, don't let them get away with it or it could lead to a bigger problem, even if they are baby teeth.


What do you do to get your child to brush his or her teeth?



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