3 steps to follow after orthodontic treatment. 🦷

When the orthodontist removes the brackets, is the treatment over?

Yes, the teeth are now aligned and the bite is corrected. ✅

Still, you have to do these 3 things that are essential to keep your smile perfect:

1️⃣ Put in retainers. There are fixed ones and those that are only worn at night.
2️⃣ Daily oral hygiene. No excuses.
3️⃣ Periodic check-ups to check for tooth movement.

If you have chosen Ziving orthodontics Tarragona for your child's orthodontics, you will see how easy it is to come back to the centre from time to time.

What child doesn't like to spend the afternoon playing in a fun place? 🎨🦸🏻♂️🖍

Do you have any doubts? At Ziving orthodontics Tarragona we solve them, ask us anything you want about orthodontics.

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