It is normal and even beneficial for a child to have baby teeth that are separated. But what happens if the permanent teeth become separated? 😲

It's called diastema.

In the case of baby teeth, which are smaller than permanent teeth, the fact that they are separated from each other is positive: when the new teeth come in, they will have enough space. 👼

Once the permanent teeth are growing in, it is important to keep a close eye on how they do so.  

And if they are separated, it is necessary to act and correct them before they affect the growth of the palate, the bite and symptoms such as headaches, gum problems, etc. appear. 👨⚕️

Come to Ziving ortodoncia Torrent for a dental check-up for your child: you can relax and your child will enjoy playing and having a great time.  Reservations in bio. 


How is your child's teething? Have the new incisors appeared yet? 💛

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