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Many patients ask us whether orthodontics, either Invisalign or bracescan be placed only at the top or only at the bottom. The reason for this is that they only have a single tusk in an arch that is in a bad position, or a tooth in the lower row that is slightly displaced. So you would think that if you only have one specific element wrong, you wouldn't need full orthodontics, would you?

It is true that in very, very specific cases, and always and only after deciding in a check-up at our orthodontic clinic in Valencia, it may be that only the upper or lower brackets are needed. But we are always talking about exceptional cases, the normal, most common and most advisable thing to do is to use full orthodontics. We explain the reasons for this.

Most commonly, full orthodontic treatment is required.

The reason is that when we start orthodontic treatment, we are not only concerned with achieving correct dental alignment in the upper or lower arch, what we want is a perfect bite, the whole jaw to work together and as a team. And to make the upper teeth fit comfortably with the lower teeth, without causing pain and offering a perfect smile, it is necessary to use full orthodontics.

In addition to dental alignment and bite correction, orthodontics can also correct problems of the mouth and jaw. You may think on examination that the problem you're having is just a problem with a wiggly tooth, but it may be much more than that - in fact, it's often more than meets the eye. So trust orthodontic check-ups and don't think that just because you have a bad tooth, you're only entitled to one row of braces.

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