Children's Dental Care Program

The PADI Program

At Ziving we have been dealing with children for over 30 years. We are specialists in getting them to have a healthy and well cared for mouth.
Whith the PADI (childcare program) program, we want to bring our experience and contribute to your children's grow up with a healthy and happy smile.

Our objective is to help you since your child has the first baby teeth, answering your questions and concerns, assessing the eruption and caring for your child's mouth until it is fully formed.

The younger your child is when they join the PADI the simpler the care and the less treatment you need. It is always easier to maintain a healthy mouth to deal with problems when they have already occurred. It is easier to take care of the dental hygiene and have a healthy diet than treating a tooth with a cavity.

The program PADI starts from the first appointment where a program of prevention and individual dental assistance is established for your child. We will explain to you how take care of their mouth and we will address any problems that may already exist. The interval between appointments is variable, at least annually, depending on the needs of the child. The information we will give you is continuous and you will not always have to go to Ziving to have it, we will use other tools, such as telephone and online systems.

Ziving® through the program PADI wants to simplify your life and your child's life, make things simple. So, with a efficient planning, we can achieve problem avoiding in the future. There is no greater happiness than seeing our children grow up healthy and happy, they are our great love, and we dedicate our whole life to them.

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Frequently Asked Questions

These are the questions we usually get from moms who come to Ziving to register for the PADI program

Do all Ziving centres have the PADI program?

No, check with your Ziving Center for the availability of the PADI program.

What is PADI?

PADI is a children's dental care program for all children from 2 to 12 years of age.
Your child can join at any age as long as they are under 12.

What treatments are included?

Within the program PADI The following dental treatments are included:

  • A minimum of one annual revision with instructions on dental hygiene, full mouth examination and detection of pathology and caries.
  • Individual follow-up of those children with predisposition to caries, gum diseases, dental malocclusions or alterations of the mouth formation.
  • Fissure sealing in healthy permanent pieces (when indicated) to avoid the appearance of cavities.
  • Fillings in permanent pieces when cavities already exist.
  • Extraction, if necessary, of pieces of milk.
  • Extraction of a permanent piece when there is no other more conservative treatment.
  • Emergency service every day of the year.

What is NOT included?

Within the program PADI is not included:

Those treatments for dental trauma, orthodontic treatments and repair of the temporary dentition (baby teeth).

How can I access PADI?

For your child to benefit from the benefit, call to your Ziving center and solicita una cita to review the PADI. From that moment on we will inform you and you will be able to benefit from all its advantages.

You can also set an appointment or contact us with our online form.

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